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World Cup ticket black market: 3 foreigners detained in Qatar

by Shahadat Hossen

SW Desk:
Only a few days left for the football world cup. Thousands of fans line up outside the ticketing center in Qatar’s capital Doha every day hoping to watch their favorite country play. In this situation, the local police arrested three foreign nationals on the charge of black market of World Cup tickets on Monday. This is the first case of black market in World Cup tickets.

Interior Ministry sources confirmed that three people were detained outside the official ticketing center in Doha.

In this regard, a statement said that three foreign nationals have been detained in this incident and a criminal case has been filed against them.

The statement published by the Ministry on Twitter also informed that they are citizens of three different countries, but which country was not clearly stated. It is only said that the three were caught by the police while selling tickets illegally outside the official outlet. Those arrested may be fined up to 250,000 Riyals for each ticket sold.

It should be noted that FIFA and the government of Qatar have warned many times about those involved in the illegal business of the World Cup. Authorities reported the seizure of 144 fake World Cup trophies last week. An organization was earlier charged for using a fake World Cup logo on apparel. A perfume bottle factory with World Cup branding was also raided last year.

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