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The World Cup trophy is now in Qatar, the team-supporters are coming

by Shahadat Hossen

With the World Cup less than a week away, the much-desired World Cup trophy has already returned to Qatar. Participating teams and their supporters also started lining up one by one. As the host nation of world football, the eyes of the whole world are now on Qatar, the whole colorful Doha is now just waiting for the ball to roll on the field. Qatar’s security system has already been strengthened as much as possible.

The trophy that will be handed over to the world’s best team on December 18 has returned to Qatar after traveling around the world. 32 countries will compete for the trophy with the match between Qatar and Ecuador on Sunday (November 20).

One of the most discussed off-field issues surrounding the World Cup in Qatar was the unfair treatment of migrant workers. Some western countries were aware of this issue from the beginning, then some other countries participating in the World Cup joined it. In view of everything, FIFA recently called on all countries to focus only on football without looking back.

Qatar has already seen an influx of fans from around the world to support their favorite teams. One such supporter of Ecuador, Ringo Gonzalez, said, “Many of us came here to support our team, it’s really a different feeling.” I want Ecuador to play well in this tournament. At the same time, those who have stars like Lionel Messi should also be able to give a good game.

The United States has already arrived in Doha as the first team. Australia followed them. As the smallest country in terms of size, Qatar won the right to host the World Cup in 2010.

European clubs played their last domestic season before the World Cup on Sunday. The players will then join their national teams.

MSC Europa, the newly built mega cruise ship, launched in Doha on Sunday. The ship is fully prepared to welcome thousands of World Cup fans. Three ships have been arranged to bring about 10,000 supporters to Qatar. Europa is fully booked for the first two weeks of the 29-day tournament.

Ahead of this huge sports event, barriers have already been placed on the roads of Doha, security measures have been strengthened at metro stations and stadiums.

Organizers said 2.9 million tickets have been sold out of 3.1 million tickets. Still, thousands of fans flock to FIFA ticket sales centers every day.

Europeans are mainly interested in buying official World Cup balls and mascots at World Cup official souvenir shops.

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