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Rules to follow if you want to watch the World Cup in Qatar

by Shahadat Hossen

After 6 days in Qatar, the main phase of FIFA World Cup football will start. About 1.2 million football lovers from abroad will go there to watch the game. They have to follow the laws of Qatar. For this reason, it is important to know some of the rules before going to the Middle Eastern country.

After receiving the responsibility of hosting the World Cup in Qatar, various fears arose in the minds of football lovers. The reason for fear is Qatar’s strict laws. The administration of Qatar has said that in many cases soft attitude has been taken for football lovers to overcome the fear. The organizers of the World Cup have said to ensure that football lovers do not face any problem. But it is better to be a bit careful after reaching Qatar.

Exchange of meetings: It is better to shake hands standing when exchanging meetings with someone in public. Standing is mandatory, especially when meeting older people. When meeting a woman, it is better not to reach out for a handshake on your own but wait for the woman’s response. A hand can only be extended if he shows interest in a handshake. Because most women in Qatar avoid the touch of other men. So it is better not to raise hands by yourself. You can keep your right hand on your heart to be safe. Qatar has a tradition of meeting in this way.

Walking on the street with your girlfriend or wife: If you go to watch the World Cup with your girlfriend or wife, you can walk on the street holding her hand. It is better not to engage in public. Don’t kiss him for the joy of his favorite team’s victory. Kissing in public is a crime in this country.

Language: You must be proficient in English. But it is better not to use English language everywhere. Because most people in Qatar are not proficient in English. It is good to know some essential local words of Qatar.

If you are invited: If you are lucky, you may get an invitation from a Qatari citizen. It is better to follow some things when going to his house. First, don’t enter his house with shoes on. The householder may feel insulted by this. Take off your shoes outside and go indoors. Never sit cross-legged. Then family members will have a bad impression about you.

Eating and drinking: Qataris usually eat together in one big bowl. They also entertain guests in this way. Guests eat from the same pot with family members. So if you don’t know who these are, there is a danger of embarrassing situations.

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