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Argentina in the second round of the World Cup!

by Shahadat Hossen

FIFA 23 has made a prediction that Argentina will win the World Cup, that too by defeating arch-rivals Brazil. However, according to former Australian captain Tim Cahill, not Argentina, but Brazil will win their sixth World Cup title in the Qatar World Cup.

In the opinion of the former Australia captain, Argentina will ring the farewell bell of Lionel Messi’s Argentina in the second round. “I hope Australia can do the job because you want your country to do well,” said the star, who played for the Socceroos in four World Cups.

He also told the team what to do to beat Argentina. He said, if we can stop Messi, then we can beat Argentina and move forward.

The highest goal scorer in the history of Australia said that the African teams will not leave this time. Said, ‘When you look at Cameroon, Senegal and Ghana, you’ll see they’ve got some world-class players who play in some of the best leagues in the world, they’re constantly producing talent.

The unpopular opinion does not end here. Cahill predicts Saudi Arabia and Qatar will play in the last sixteen. Qatar will even beat England in the last sixteen, he says. His words, ‘I played in England, but now I am living in Qatar and working at Aspire Academy. Chose the underdogs mainly on impulse.

Then on December 18, Brazil and Belgium will play in the final at Lucille Stadium with a capacity of 80,000 spectators, his prediction is. “I’m a big fan of Belgium,” Cahill said. As is their squad and management, both of them. But when you play against Brazil, you see they are one of the strongest teams in the world. They have more chances to win the World Cup.

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